How to tell the difference between a quality tanned cowhide

A cowhide that has been tanned properly and there are many that arent will not shed under normal wear. It has a clean sheen, and is tanned with a chromium process that provides suppleness and longevity underfoot.
An inferior cowhide will often have a chemical odor, is stiffer, has a duller coat, and often has an asymmetrical shape.

We stock only hand-picked, chromium-tanned hides from the most reputable tanneries in Brazil. These tanneries take great pride in their skill and craftsmanship, and have invested great care in producing only the finest cowhides.

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Brokenrope Foundation

Established in February of 2004, the Brokenrope Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit intertribal corporation serving Native Americans in Ventura County. At Brokenrope we wish to promote, encourage, develop, and implement programs addressing our Native American cultures. Our primary objective is to provide community services and resources for the general health, education, welfare, employment

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Port Authority Security Camera Systems Changes

The TSA says the system belongs to the Port Authority. But a Port Authority source said they can’t fix something unless they’re told it’s not working. And the Port Authority insists it wasn’t told the primary surveillance system was not archiving what the cameras saw.

It has since been fixed, most likely by a simple reboot of the system, according to that source.

Meanwhile the TSA has already made security camera systems changes at the airport.

“Two officers have been assigned to the exit lanes at Terminal C until further notice,” wrote TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis in an email to That was as of Tuesday.

On Monday, before the second agent was assigned to each of the exit lanes, Davis said the podium the security cameras agent stood at was moved farther back in order to give security more time to see if someone was walking the wrong way.

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